Meet The Staff

Meet the Woodwrights staff!


Meet the people who work with dedication and craftsmanship to turn your custom commercial millwork idea into a beautiful finished product!


Eddie Biehn 

  • Position at Woodwrights:​ President and CEO
  • Role at Woodwrights: As President and CEO of the company, my job is to oversee and keep all parts of the business working together towards the common goal of manufacturing millwork to meet the needs of our customer, thereby sustaining profitability and success as a business. This includes managing such thing as: a vision for continual evolution of the company, the physical development of the building and equipment, the financial needs, and finally the employees and outside services for the various operational departments of the company.
  • Favorite Aspect of Woodwrights: To be able to observe and to have participated in the creation and growth and development of a business and ultimately something bigger than myself which is able to make a difference in peoples personal lives as well as our larger community.
  • What I Like To Do Outside of Woodwrights: First I would have to say that Woodwrights is much more than work for me…as it has been such a huge part of my overall life’s experience. Owning a business tends to blur your work life and personal life into one entity in so many ways.  However, with that said here are some things that I enjoy that are not directly related to my business:  The study of theology and an active spiritual life, my family life with my wife and children (shown in the photo), my involvement with my local church where I am active in music and outreach ministries.  I enjoy gardening, back country hiking, biking, playing guitar, singing, and dreaming of world travel with my wife someday.
  • Interesting Fact: As a young man I pursued a life as a missionary with a group called the Glenmary Home Missioners.  I spent four years in college study and communal life with the group and then 2 years as a volunteer in the missionary field with them. I’ve played guitar fluently for 35 years. I also play the accordion and am currently pursuing the violin. I’ve written well over 100 songs and poems and hope to publish a book someday.


Michael Heinzelmann

  • Position at Woodwrights: Project Manager
  • Role at Woodwrights: I meet with customers to help make their vision a reality. This includes: purchasing material, estimating costs, setting the budget and completing the timeline of all internal fabrications.
  • Favorite Aspect of Woodwrights: I like how Eddie makes it a point to develop a relationship with each of his staff. Partially due to these close relationships, there is increased productivity and a strive for excellence. This is evident from the outcome of our production.
  • What I Like To Do Outside of Woodwrights: Working on my house excites me. I love going through the challenges of owning an old home. Everything from electrical, plumbing, rough framing, or improving the general aesthetics. All of this makes me eager to do more. I also enjoy working out. It gives me a sense of individual achievement when I see results.
  • Interesting Fact: I used to enjoy breakdancing. At every wedding I attend, I like to bust out the old moves.


Kevin Kottke

  • Position at Woodwrights: Shop Foreman
  • Role at Woodwrights: I am the shop foreman. With that, I delegate out the work. I also get any answers to problems that come up during any projects. I coach the employees whenever I can, try to keep a positive attitude, and create a fun atmosphere.
  • Favorite Aspect of Woodwrights: I enjoy getting to work with different materials and many different projects. Woodwrights has the small shop atmosphere and I enjoy the people I work with. 
  • What I Like to Do Outside of Woodwrights: I go camping with my friends and family as much as I can. I enjoy vacationing as well, my favorite place to go is Maine, which is where my wife is from. One other hobby of mine is to make repurposing projects.  
  • Interesting Fact: I enjoy cooking and baking. I have never been to a public school, I attended a Christian school, Wisconsin Academy Columbus, my entire life. 

Lynn Banovez 

  • Position at Woodwrights: Sales Representative
  • Role at Woodwrights: I manage all work coming into the sales department. I work with the marketing department to generate sales leads, contact potential or existing customers, and develop new sales techniques and practices. Networking for new business is something I always do. 
  • Favorite Aspect of Woodwrights: The people. They are always willing to help each other. I like the family atmosphere, and they are all very passionate about what they do.
  • What I Like To Do Outside of Woodwrights: I love interior design, and enjoy decorating for myself and my friends and family. I also enjoy drawing and painting.
  • Interesting Fact: I am a fan of car racing!


Jason Kostman

  • Position at Woodwrights: Project Manager
  • Role at Woodwrights: To take a job from start to finish; this includes doing a job bid, ordering materials, making sure the job stays on budget and schedule, and making sure the job is complete and the customer is happy with the end result.
  • Favorite Aspect of Woodwrights: That we can take a customer’s vision from a design to a finished product.
  • What I Like To Do Outside of Woodwrights: I enjoy spending time with my wife and children. We enjoy camping and going up north on the weekends!
  • Interesting Fact: I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan!​​


Kim Januszewski

  • Position at Woodwrights: Controller
  • Role at Woodwrights: My role consists mostly of handling any of the financial aspects of the business, from A/P, A/R, and billing to monthly reporting.
  • Favorite Aspect of Woodwrights: My favorite aspect of Woodwrights is our willingness to work hard, but also have fun!
  • What I Like To Do Outside of Woodwrights: Outside of work, I like to golf, travel, exercise, and spend time with my children!
  • Interesting Fact: I played Division 1 college field hockey and lacrosse at the University of Virginia.


Eric Danielson

  • Position at Woodwrights: Business Operations Director
  • Role at Woodwrights: As the Business Operations Director, my responsibility is to oversee the general day to day operations at Woodwrights which includes, maintaining and building customer relations, monitoring the financial health of the company and actively participating in finding solutions to any problems that arise. I am also tasked with developing internal procedures as they apply to production of products and operations management. 
  • Favorite Aspect of Woodwrights: I like getting to know the staff and seeing how hardworking and dedicated they are to their profession. I also like the fact that they take pride in what they do and how they actively participate in the continued growth and development of the company.
  • What I Like To Do Outside of Woodwrights: I love spending time with my wife Cassandra of 16 years and our two dogs Motley and Wolfgang. I enjoy traveling, kayaking, camping, hiking and spending time with close friends and family.
  • Interesting Fact: I traveled to Europe and Scandinavia when I was 14 years old. My father and I went to Norway to visit the town our family lived in before they immigrated to America in 1846.