Being part of the hospitality industry means that you provide others with a feeling of comfort on a day to day basis. This comfort can come in many forms, but one form you simply cannot overlook is your atmosphere. When your patrons enter your establishment, they need to feel like they want to stay, and come back!

We work together to add the perfect fixture to complete your project. Our team has the experience necessary to provide you with fixtures that will exude the comfort you and your visitors seek—every time.

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Custom Millwork and Woodworking


Commercial millwork doesn't have to be standard, or boring!  Our goal is to truly understand your business, and branding to help deliver a custom product that you can replicate across the various locations.  Our expertise lies in finding the right solution for your business, and delivering a custom millwork project that you will be proud is being displayed in your workspace or store.


A testimonial from a recent 2015 project:

Last summer, we met for the first time in our Chicago office to learn more about the Woodwrights organization, core values and mission.  Shortly thereafter, we received a complimentary set of detailed shop drawings that would demonstrate your unique emphasis on front-end design and meticulous planning.  This month, we completed our second project together that truly elevates our national standard.


Our business relationship has escalated quickly, not only a result of outstanding craftsmanship, but especially because of our shared values and a mission to provide our customers with an increasingly better experience.


Already, Woodwrights is helping us look forward to new innovations in retail design, installation efficiencies and valued engineering.  


Matt Pulaski - Senior Real Estate Manager - PLS