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A Word from Eddie: Co-Creating the Plan


Co-creating the plan


Greetings!   Today you are receiving the first in a series of messages from the Mustard Seed Farm. Mustard Seed Farm is a non-profit organization associated with Woodwrights with the mission to reach out to others in their quest to discover the good news in their lives and to assist them in overcoming the mountains of challenges along their way. We work in cooperation with Woodwrights Incorporated to promote their custom Millwork aspirations and hopefully help discover some new clients who have mountains of commercial and retail fixture challenges to manage. That is where Woodwrights shines.


Today’s message is about creation. Business owners, managers, directors or entrepreneurs often have a very active role in creative processes that go on day-to-day in the business environment; hence, Woodwrights has adopted the slogan ‘Co-creators in the plan’ as a catchphrase in their business motto.  Woodwrights believes that their very specific unique experience, in the commercial millwork and retail fixture portion of an overall business development, offers them the unique capability to help their clients co-create a very attractive and functional workplace or sales environment. Your fixtures and cabinetry are amazingly powerful in their ability to attract and maintain satisfied customers.


Every dream starts out small. It’s just like a mustard seed. It’s one of the smallest of seeds that grows to become one of the largest of trees…truly a miracle.  Over twenty-five years ago when Woodwrights was first created,  one small individual who enjoyed creating simple woodworking pieces approached a small group of business owners and suggested they create a millshop to complement their already successful general construction business.   All agreed and Woodwrights was born. Who would have ever guessed that a small vision would grow and evolve and become a successful commercial-retail millwork, a co-creator in the construction and retail fixture environments, creating, building and delivering millions of dollars of millwork every year?


Of course, life is never easy, and all roads have their bumps and bends.  The years to follow for Woodwrights is a tale too large to tell in this short little message…but please stay tuned, there's more to come! Perhaps the story of your commercial or retail business is very similar?  We’d love to hear about it!  Please call or email us. Meanwhile please reach out to Woodwrights if you have a commercial or retail fixture project that needs a good team of individuals that want to be co-creators in your commercial or retail environment.


Till next time…get out there and sow some seeds of your own!


The Mustard Seed Farm