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Woodwrights: State of the Art

The Woodwrights crew is very excited about some of our recent renovations and equipment upgrades! In 2015, we renovated an existing 1200 square-foot warehouse space in our building to our new finishing booth. This includes a state of the art air make-up system (which controls heated or air-conditioned air coming into the boot) and a downdraft type exhaust chamber. Perhaps the greatest feature is that this space is completely separated from our fabrication shop, giving us a much cleaner, dust-free environment for achieving a better quality finish. Though we primarily work with traditional solvent-based finishes, we spent a good bit of time in the past couple years to perfect our water-based finishing process. There are many inherent challenges with water-based finishes (i.e. longer open time, greater sensitivity to the climate). However, our new finishing environment greatly increases our ability to work successfully with water-based finishes.



We’ve also made some huge improvements in our manufacturing equipment. In 2015 we replaced our old outdated wide belt sander, with a state of the art Butfering 213 Diamond 53” dual head sander. The greatest added value of this sander is its ability to not only sand solid woods, but also to sand veneers with high tolerances and also to do “scuff sanding” during our finishing process. Scuff sanding is the process of sanding between coats of finishes and requires very close tolerances and extremely fine grits.


We replaced our entire 19-year-old edgebander with a late model Holzher Arcus 1334 edgebander. This machine increases our capabilities and our level of productivity with the edgebanding process.


Last but not least, we finally said goodbye to our 1970’s model forktruck, and replaced it with our late model Cat P5000 model forktruck. There are happy smiles on our employee's faces in both shipping and receiving!


When you think of Woodwrights, think innovation; think progress and productivity; think state of the art. Contact us today to begin your next custom commercial millwork project, built with our brand new, industry-leading equipment!