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Holiday Floor Display Tips

Holiday Floor Display Tips


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Of course, this period of the calendar year is the busiest time for businesses, especially retail stores. Business owners often think about adapting their product or customer service to their buyers, but might not think about tailoring the floor plan of the store to the needs of their customers. That’s where Woodwrights can help! If you’re looking to increase traffic in your business, take a look at these quick tips for your floor display.


  1. Keep the floor plan simple, open and easy to navigate.

    1. Imagine: a customer walks into your store and spots the perfect Christmas present immediately. But the product is in the back corner of the store, and they’d have to navigate around countless counters and racks to get there. Why not take the maneuvering out of your customer’s buying experience? Busy floor plans can often leave your customer overwhelmed and drive away a potential sale. Take a look at how your retail floor is spaced. Can a customer navigate the shelves with ease? What about customers in wheelchairs or with walkers? If you see these potential flaws, simply rearrange the shelving and displays in order to maximize space.

  2. Position your specialty products for maximum exposure.

    1. The holidays only come once a year, and so do your special holiday items! You want to make sure your customers notice those specialty items as soon as they enter the store. Are your displays suitable? Move your shelving around to feature these items, allowing your customers to notice them right away. Whether it’s a window display or a front-and-center shelving display right near the door, make sure that your holiday products are positioned for maximum exposure. If you offer a service instead of a pre-made product, place your holiday promotional materials and advertisements where you would display your products.

  3. Plan your holiday floor displays before you decorate.

    1. It can become easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit with all the festive decorating. However, it’s important to not go overboard on the display construction, design and decoration of your display. A showcase that is too busy with decor will distract the customer from your product, defeating the purpose of the display altogether. Understand where your holiday decor is coming from. If you’re in retail, does it stem from the display product itself? If you’re in the financial sector, do you need to add a touch of decor to let your holiday spirit show? Find the balance of decor and display, and your customers will come! Don’t let your displays detract from your brand.