2017 Millwork Trends

2017 Millwork Trends

2017 Millwork Trends


2017 is a brand new year, which means brand new style! Here are some of the top predicted millwork trends for the upcoming year.


Shedding A Little Light


Although Woodwrights has utilized LED lighting in projects in the past, its use in products across the industry is expected to rise. Customarily, LED lighting is found in cabinetry or shelving units to showcase products. However, be on the lookout for a rise in LED in work space stations or reception areas.



Variety is Key


In the past, wood and metal have been the most popular materials used in a millwork project. The importance of these materials in a project has not diminished, but lately, there has been a rise in the use of materials such as granite, marble and laminate, among others. This trend is expected to gain even more popularity throughout the new year. 



Contrast in Dark Shades


Dark colors of woods, stains, and finishes are expected to dominate the market this year. They are especially prevalent because of the simplistic design and sleek look. However, proceed with caution- dark millwork pieces paired with dark shades on walls and floors might not bring enough light into a display room or reception area, deterring customers from returning or entering your business.



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